You can continue your Bible memorization & study
beyond the Truth & Training program. Awana has
introduced a method for you to complete the Trek and
Journey studies without an official program here at
Colonial Baptist Church…it’s called C-track.
The C-track program (C for Citation award & College
scholarship program) enables teens to complete the
Trek and Journey books as they work in a small group
setting with a pre-approved couple. A student
completing 10 Awana books (any combination of T&T,
Trek, or Journey) is qualified for the Awana citation
award and eligible for scholarships at a number of
Christian colleges. In addition, these students will be
able to take advantage of Awana’s purposeful
worldview training that is integrated across their entire
If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact
the Awana Ministry Directors, Jason & Charity Grahame
or e-mail us (awana@cbvb.org). There are some
specific requirements and procedures to complete
before you can begin.
More information is available online at www.awana.org
(search for "C-track").

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