We are delighted that you're considering a visit to CBC! You would be our honored guest! Of course, we won't embarrass you in any way, but we'd love to know that you stopped by. 

Guest Cards

If you visit us on a Sunday morning, there is a point where we will pass out guest cards. Use this card to tell us a little bit about yourself or to ask us a question—any question—especially if you have a spiritual need. When we pass the offering plate, the only thing we ask our guests to put in is that guest card. Our senior pastor Brent Belford would love to write you a letter of appreciation for your visit.

Welcome Center

We have a prominent welcome center directly through our front doors in our lobby. The friendly attendant there can help you find your way around, hand you a campus map, or answer any of your questions about our ministry and services.


What to expect in our worship services...

Our auditorium seats
roughly 600

You'll sit among a friendly
congregation of diverse ages...

...dressed just as diversely,
from formal to casual

But more importantly...

We love God's Word;
it's central to all we do

We love to sing together
in praise to God

We love to engage in
meaningful community

 A word about our music...

To serve our diverse congregation, we try to strike a balance between conservative and progressive musical styles. Our singing is energetic, and we love to sing both old and new songs that have biblical substance.


We hope to see you on Sunday!

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Join us Sunday at